Ajay Mankotia

LLB, B.A (H), M.A (Economics)
Partner | Direct Taxation

  1. He is a qualified practicing Advocate and has over 35 years of experience in Tax and Legal areas.  As an Indian Revenue Officer (Income Tax) from 1982 till 2008, he handled Income Tax Assessments of Banks (including Foreign Banks), Financial Institutions, an RBI Subsidiary, Public Sector Undertakings and Foreign Companies
  2. Worked as President of Corporate Planning & Operations at NDTV.
  3. Worked as Chief Vigilance Officer at National Fertilizers Limited and other Fertilizer Companies ( BVFCL, HFCL, FAGMIL,PPCL, PDIL, MFL)
  4. He has an insight into the working of Infrastructure Companies and has also handled specialized Income Tax Assessments including those relating to the Securities Scam (1992-96) that required an in-depth knowledge of the working of the Capital Markets and all the concerned institutions such as RBI, Stock Exchanges, SEBI and various intermediaries

Professional Experience:
  1. He has worked with CBDT where he handled policy and implementation with respect to judicial work of the Income Tax Department and worked closely work with the Ministry of Law and the Supreme Court.
  2. He has worked in the Investigation Directorate as Assistant Director of Investigation (in New Delhi) and Additional Director of Investigation (in Mumbai).
  3. He has carried out search and seizure operations on large corporates and other entities across a wide spectrum of businesses for suspected tax fraud.
  4. He has worked as CIT (Appeals) from 2001-02 , where he handled appeals across an extensive range of businesses of varying sizes and complexities
  5. He has worked as Commissioner of Income Tax, Varanasi, from 2007-08, where he held administrative charge of Varanasi and several adjoining districts, overseeing a wide variety of cases covering several industries of various sizes and complexities

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